Street Outreach

Our clearly-identified outreach van with its Salvation Army markings is a familiar sight on the streets of Ottawa.

We use the van to transport homeless and at-risk people from the streets to safe, appropriate shelter.

Appropriate shelter can include taking clients to harm reduction units and withdrawal-management services.

Call 311 for transportation

Contact the City of Ottawa at 311 if you are homeless and need transportation to a shelter. 

The city will then call and direct us to your address or location.

We provide transportation services from 11:00 a.m. to 03:00 a.m., seven days a week. We work longer hours during extreme weather conditions.

Service providers can obtain the direct line for referrals by contacting 613-241-1573 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.

Our Street Outreach staff provide services that nurture your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual requirements. We offer those services in a non-discriminatory manner.

Street Outreach Provides the Following Services:

  • When appropriate, we may transport you to a recognized Drop-In. We can also generate a referral for you, if necessary. Referrals usually include any other service provider, food banks, housing services, community research centres, clothing, employment centres, income resource centres, community meals, and mental health services.

  • We can transport you to a hospital if you were in a minor altercation or mishap that requires medical attention. This service is not offered if you need Emergency Medical Services (EMS) attention or involvement of the Ottawa Police. Street Outreach sometimes transports clients from a medical facility to a confirmed shelter. This intervention is not considered an urgent call requiring police support.
Jason is the supervisor of outreach services 
Street Outreach will not transport you if you:
- are eligible for social assistance taxi service
- have other means of transportation, such as taking the bus
- do not show symptoms that would require transport with Outreach Services
- are verbally abusive, aggressive or volatile after initial engagement
- decline appropriate shelter, or referral to appropriate shelter
Nor will the service transport you:
  • to medical or legal appointments unless you have a demonstrated need for Street Outreach Services levels of service
  • to your personal residence, as it constitutes permanent housing

The following restrictions apply to client transportation

  •  Transportation will not be provided to and from the Province of Quebec. Transport must 
     be within the City of Ottawa.

Furthermore, we are forbidden to transport: 

  • more than one person at any given time
  • medication and personal belongings without the client’s presence
  • a client who cannot board and exit the vehicle with minimal assistance
  • a client who regularly uses personal mobility equipment that cannot be stowed without minimal assistance
  • a client when he/she is in the possession of illegal substances or alcohol and refuses to dispose of the goods prior to transport